Emergency Contact Procedure

In the interests of safety, it is common bushwalking practice to leave detailed trip intention information with a responsible person.  This information enables suitable action to be taken in the event of a serious accident on the track or an unexpected delay in the party's return from an activity.  Redland Bushwalkers have an Emergency Contact Procedure for all club trips. 

Before a trip:

        1:    The leader advises participants on a club trip of the name and phone number of their nominated Emergency Contact Officer (ECO).

        2:    Each walker forwards the ECO's name and phone number to their designated contact officer  with the advice to ring the ECO for information if the Walk Leader hasn't contacted them by 9.00pm.

        3:    The ECO will be given a list of walkers and trip details.  They will also have access to the Members' Database, should emergency contact be required due to an accident or unavoidable delay on the track.

        *  NB  Leaders need to obtain emergency contact details for Probationary Members & Visitors and pass these onto their nominated ECO.

After the trip:

       1:    The leader advises their ECO as soon as possible of a safe return.

       2:    If no contact is made within a specified time (usually 9pm) by the leader, the ECO establishes if  the "safe return" call has not simply been forgotten; and begins the established procedure..... see below.


The Role of a Emergency Contact Officer  (ECO)

An activity leader can choose any trusted adult to act as their ECO. It is often a spouse or another club memer who is not participating in the activity.

   1.  If no "safe return" call has been recieved before 9pm, the ECO should try and ring the walk leader to see if the call has been overlooked.

   2.  Try to ring some of the walkers' on their list.

   3.  Once it has been established that the trip has not returned they should contact a committee member, followed by the emergency contact numbers from the club database. 

       The committee will liaise with you.

   *  Wait until the following morning before contacting the emergency services.  

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