Before the walk

Once you have chosen your walk the paperwork is simple.


Activity Sheet

This has basic information about the walk - name, location, grading, date, meeting place and time etc.

Importantly it also has the walk description for members to read at the meeting to see if it is a suitable walk for them.  Don't forget to include details of significant features, eg deep creek crossing or steep hills. 

You can add any special requirements - eg walking poles, maybe a grup afternoon tea after the walk.

Event Nomination Sheet

This also has the basic information about the walk.

Members sign up, include their contact details and transport requirements.

An Emergency Contact Officer needs to nominated and their name and phone number supplied to all nominees.

To help our leaders this form needs to be filled in clearly and in full.  The details will be used to contact nominees and organise transport.


We encourage car-pooling and sharing of petrol costs;  therefore it is usually the leader who will organise this.  Here is a simple suggestion.

On the Wednesday evening before the walk, send out an email to all your nominees with your transport plans, eg. who is going with whom.  You can leave each driver to work out their own logistics. 

In this email remind about meeting place and time and any special requirements.

As everyone to RSVP ASAP so you know everyone has read your mail.

Contact all new walkers personaly so you can veryify that they know about the gear they need to bring and wear, and clean clothes for afterwards.

Waiver Form

Print out a waiver form if you have any non-members joining the walk for use of the day of the walk.  Non Members may join in TWO activities, they must then apply for membership.

Incident Form

If you don't already have one in your first-aid kit, print one and take it with you in case of an accident/injury.  It's a good idea to keep one of these forms in your first-aid kit at all times.



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