The Club is always in need of volunteers to lead walks and other activities.  It may appear daunting but it can be very satisfying.  The bottom line is with more leaders we can offer a greater variety of walks.  More walks on the program means that there are more walks to suit you and the happier everyone will be.  Here are a few suggestions to encourage you to take the first step.

  • Lead with a friend, share the organising and responsibility, and it's much more fun.
  • Ask a leader whose walk you have nominated for, if you can help on their walk.  Eg. organising the transport, paperwork and on the walk itself.
  • Don't be too ambitious for your first walk, choose something you are comfortable with, and limit your numbers to a maximum of 15.
  • Start with a local social walk if you are not confident leading in the bush environment.
  • Freely ask for assistance on any aspect of the walk however trivial.  If any doubt seek help from "old hands" you trust.
  • If standing up at a meeting to talk about your walk is too daunting and a bit of a stumbling block for you, then write what you want to say and ask someone else to read it for you.

Everyone will be thrilled that you have put a walk on the calendar to share with others. Members go walking because it's something they enjoy and will want your walk to be a success, so think of it as leading a team that is supporting you from behind all the way. You might be the leader but it doesn't mean you have to have all the answers, but you do have the final say as to who can join you!

Before the walk

On the walk

Emergency Contact System

Forms for leaders

Click below to download and print the forms you require.  

Participants only sign in on the day of the event and initial their safe return at the end.

A description of the activity including grading and any hazards that might need special equipment or skills.  An Emergency Contact Officer to be nominated.

To be completed and signed by all non-members and $5 collected at the beginning of the activity.  The form and money given to the Treasurer at the next club meeting.

 To be printed and carried in the leaders first aid kit.

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