On the walk

1.  All walkers, including visitors, must sign the Nomination Sheet before the start of the walk.

2. Visitors, ie any non-members, also will need to read and sign the waiver form and pay $5 at the time of the walk.  Both are given to the Treasurer at the next Club meeting.

3.   Check that people have sufficient water and appropriate clothing for the trip.

4.   Make absolutely sure you know how many people are on the walk, count people and check against names on the list.  This sounds trivial but mistakes have occurred.

5.   Make sure all members of the party are fully aware of what is planned. The leader using a map could show the planned route.

6.   Explain the significance of the route (eg "we go up this steep hill shown here") to any inexperienced walkers.

7.   Make sure everyone meets each other.  Normal tradition is to stand in a circle and introduce yourself in turn.  This is a good chance to count heads and make sure everyone is ready to go.

8.   Nominate a "tail-end-Charlie" to be at the rear of the group.  This is even more important on walks off-track where there may be thick vegetation with poor visibility.  Explain the role of "tail-end-Charlie"to keep stragglers with the group and note if anyone needs to duck off for a moment.

9.   Explain any rules you would like the group to adhere to; eg. toilet stops, keep person in front and behind you in sight, and stop at any track junctions to regroup.  Do not separate the party.

10.   Do not start until everyone is ready to leave, and check soon after leaving that everyone is there.  It is a good idea to call for a stop soon after the start of the day's walking (about 5-10 mins) to provide an opportunity to adjust shoelaces, remove jackets, adjust packs.

11.   Count again after you have had any stops.

12. At the end of the walk, before leaving the car park, have everyone sign off on the walk nomination sheet to ensure everyone is accounted for.

13. Ring the Emergency Contact Officer as soon as possible to advise you have finished the walk - so they can relax.

12. Return completed trip sheets to the Outings Officer at the next Club meeting.  Tell the Safety & Training or Outings Officer if you had any concerns about the walk or any walkers.






Banner Photo: Camping Area at Canungra Showgrounds 

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