The 2018 Photo Competition has started!...... So get your cameras out and start taking photos now!

The aim of this competition is to challenge those with an interest in photography by providing a variety of photo categories for them to express their creativity and share their interpretation of a scene or activity.

The competition is open to all club members and there are prizes just to make it a little more interesting.

Your camera does not need to be the top of the range at all.  A little point and shoot camera can often take a much better shot than the big expensive camera.  It depends on your eye for photography as it is often the composition and the content of the photos that counts.  So have fun and snap away.

Categories are:

  Newby– club member on a club activity who has never entered the club photo competition before.  Can enter up to 10 Club photos in this category

 Landscape– scenery

  Nature– flora and fauna

  People– club member on a club activity involved in an activity or funny situation

  Open – photos by a club member on an activity associated with bushwalking.  Can include instate or overseas trips or FMR activities or walks with club members which are not officially signed on activities.

(NoteCategories 1, 2, 3and need to be “signed on” club activities)


General info:

·         Photo size - 150 x 100 mm (6 x 4 inch) photo (NO WHITE BOARDERS)

·         Entries on black card  - packs of 2 are available at each club meeting $1 per pack

·         Cost of entry $1 per photo

·         Maximum of 10 entries per Club Member

·         Photos need to be taken between 9 August 2017 and 12 September Club Meeting 2018.

·         Entries close at September 2018 Club Meeting.

·         All entries will be displayed at September meeting and judging and awards will be presented later that night.

·         Photoshop or any other editing program MUST NOT be used.  The photos must be an original.



Entry Details:

Please view and print entry details 



Photo Competition Committee- Julie Cummings

Julie Cummings – mob 0422 318 283













Banner Photo:  Hilliard Creek -Ormiston 

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