Goomburra Base Camp

Goomburra Basecamp 30 June – 2 July
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Manna Gum Campground

Join us for a winter basecamp at Manna Gum Camping area in the Goomburra section of Main Range National Park, 2.5 hrs from the Redlands. Bring your winter woollens and plenty of firewood, it can get very cold at Goomburra. We’re camping at the National Park Campground, facilities include composting toilets and wood barbeques. No mobile phone coverage. Apparently there is tap water but that might be rain water, so perhaps bring your own water, or treat before use.

This weekend falls in the middle of the school holidays. At the time of planning this camp the campground was still near empty but it might well get busy closer to the date. In most weather conditions the camping area can be reached by conventional vehicles, camper trailers, caravans and small motorhomes. During very wet periods the road may be only accessible for 4WD vehicles

We haven’t been here before and are encouraging members who are familiar with the area to come along and lead a walk. Apparently there are plenty of walking options to choose from.

We look forward to seeing you there!


June 30 - 14:00


July 2 - 10:00

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Manna Gum Camping Area

Manna Gum Camping Area Forestry Rd, Goomburra QLD 4362 ,

Goomburra, AU