LARAPINTA TRAIL West McDonnell Ranges

Larapinta Trail LTW D5
This is a spectacular Hike of approx 190 klms over 13 days from west to east from Redbank Gorge to Stanley Chasm. We are not walking the last 40klm to Telegraph station. Due to a combination of circumstances
2 spots have become available for seasoned fit hikers, please note due to the technical difficulty of this hike waitlisting will not guarantee acceptance.
We will depart Brisbane 6th June 24 and fill our food boxes on the 7th. Our transfer to Redbank Gorge is on 8th, we plan to climb Mt Sondor and stay overnight commencing our walk on the 9th. we arrive at Stanley Chasm on 21st and depart Alice Springs on 22nd June
if you are interested please reach out to Di or Tineke for more information


June 8 - 13:00


June 21 - 12:00

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Larapinta Trail

Natmajira Drive

Alice Springs, AU