Thylogale Track (Mt Nebo) – DW M 2 B

A pleasant morning walk on a relatively flat track, approx. 14km total.

We will meet at 8:45am to start walking about 9am and begin with a 1.5km loop around the Egernia Circuit for a warm-up. We will then walk the 4km Thylogale Track from Jolly’s Lookout to Boombana picnic ground through a variety of eucalypt forest and rainforest. After a brief rest at Boombana, we continue around the Pitta Circuit (1km loop with some impressive strangler figs) and take a side track approx 700m to ‘Cafe in the Mountains’ at Mt Nebo which will be our morning tea/early lunch stop. We then return the same way we came, approx 5-6km back to Jolly’s Lookout. You may wish to leave your lunch in your car to have at Jolly’s Lookout after the walk finishes.

Bring your usual day walk gear, water and snacks. I don’t think poles are strictly necessary unless you prefer in general to use them.

Note that the Jolly’s Lookout driveway will take you up a short steep hill to the top carpark where there is a toilet, but the walks actually begin from the carparking space at the bottom of the driveway. Whether you park at the top or bottom, we will meet as a group at the bottom of the driveway where the track begins.

Sign up on Meetup or contact Leah Stephens (0499234606)


Jollys Lookout

Jollys Lookout, QL, AU, 4520