Through our voluntary leaders Redland Bushwalkers Club is able to provide a wide range of activities.

Day Walks (DW)

Walks that depart and return on the same day. Walks can be on graded tracks or off track. Durations can vary from a couple of hours to eight or nine hours and vary in difficulty, to cater for a wide range of different fitness, distance and skill levels (see Walk Grading System). Lunch is typically held on the walk somewhere, usually at a scenic location. Shorter day walks may have lunch on returning to the vehicles.

Introductory Day Walk

The same principles as a day walk but usually shorter in both distance and duration, typically two to three hours and less than 10 kilometres. Held monthly in the local Redlands area, with morning tea typically held on the walk somewhere, usually at a scenic location. A perfect activity to experience bushwalking and an excellent way to gauge your fitness level if new to bushwalking.

Base Camps (BC)

These are multi-day trips based at a camp site with vehicle access. The camp site is used as a base for several Day Walks or other activities (kayaking, abseiling). No specialist light weight camping equipment is required, since you don’t have to carry it. Camp facilities vary with location, some will have access to toilets, showers, drinking water and basic supplies. Campers need to be self-sufficient, so check with the walk leader if you are unsure about what you need to bring. Base camps are quite social, with the group often meeting around a camp fire at night for pre-dinner drinks and nibbles.

Through Walks (TW)

These are multi-day trips where you walk, bush camp at night, then walk again the next day. Unlike a base camp, which has no real restrictions on equipment, the equipment for a through walk is restricted to what you can carry. A full pack of gear is required (tent, stove, fuel, sleeping bag, sleeping mat, water, food etc.) so fitness and experience are essential. These walks can be on graded tracks or off track in rugged terrain and vary in difficulty (see Walk Grading System). They typically last for 1 or 2 nights, but much longer trips are also possible.

Introductory Through Walk

The same principles as a through walk but usually shorter and over easier terrain. An excellent way to gain experience and fitness before attempting a longer through walk.

Abseiling (ABS)

Periodic training at Kangaroo Point Cliffs followed by some abseiling in a bush environment.

Social (SOC)

Generally shorter walks in the Redlands area finishing with morning tea, lunch or dinner at a local café or restaurant, or a barbeque. Other activities may not be related to bushwalking, such as cinema or theatre outings preceded or followed by dinner at a restaurant.

Kayaking (KAK)

Normally several trips organised per year at different locations.  Kayak hire may be arranged.

Cycling (CYC)

Usually local on back roads and bike paths, and sometimes taking the train to the start of the ride.