Without volunteers to organise and host events there would be no activities for club members to enjoy. But although it may seem daunting, learning to lead activities is not that difficult:

How Do I Become a Leader?

There are some procedures & guidelines to follow when leading an activity, and the best way to learn is on the job as a co-leader, where you will be shown what to do by an experienced leader. You can co-lead as many activities as you want until you feel comfortable leading an activity by yourself.

When you are ready to lead your first club activity don’t be too ambitious:

  • Choose something you are comfortable with
  • Start with a local social walk
  • Host the activity in an area you know well
  • Limit your numbers to a maximum of 10
  • Lead with a friend to share the organising
  • Ask an experienced leader for assistance, however trivial

As you gain more experience as a leader you can extend your limits, and maybe one day you will be mentoring new leaders yourself! 

Leading an Activity

Use this checklist to ensure you have completed all the necessary steps for a successful activity: Event Host (Leader) Checklist

The Checklist will prompt you to: