New Members

  • The membership year is from 1st January to 31st December.
  • You must be 18 years of age or older.
  • Before applying to be a new member you can attend up to TWO Club activities as a Temporary Member. You will need to pay $5.00 each time (to cover insurance costs) and sign an Acknowledgement of Risk (a condition of our insurance). These fees will be deducted from your membership fee if you decide to join the club.
  • After TWO activities you must apply for membership if you want to carry on participating in Club activities.
  • Ideally you should attend our Introductory Walk. It is held on the Saturday following our Club Meeting (which is on the 2nd Wednesday of the month)
  • If you decide to join the club you will need two Club Members to propose and second you.
  • We suggest you download and complete the Membership Application form and bring it with you, there will be members on the Introductory Walk who can propose and second you. Membership Application Form
  • You can give your completed Membership Application form to the leader of the Introductory Walk and pay the remainder of the Membership Fee owing by Electronic Funds Transfer. Online Banking Details
  • Your Application will be processed at the next Committee meeting after receiving both the completed form and the fee owed, and you will be notified by email when your application has been successful.
  • The membership fee is currently $40 per year. A pro rata fee of $20 applies if you join the Club after 30th June. If you join after the 30th September, the $40 membership fee includes membership for the following year (i.e. up to 15 months membership). 

Membership Renewal

  • The due date for members renewing their membership is the 31st January.
  • Members wishing to renew their membership should:
    • Complete the Membership Renewal form and return it to the Club by the due date. Membership Renewal Form
    • Pay the Membership Fee by the due date, either by Electronic Funds Transfer, or with cash at the January Club Meeting. Online Banking Details