Walk Grading System

The walk grading system helps members decide whether a particular activity is suitable for them. What can be an easy walk for one person may be quite strenuous for another, so you need to have a good understanding of your own capability.

MINIMUM REQUREMENT FOR NEW MEMBERS: New members not from another Bushwalking Club must first participate in an introductory walk, held on the Saturday following the club meeting, prior to participating in any other club activities which are rated higher than 3 in difficulty.

DW = Day Walk   BC = Base Camp   TW = Through Walk   AB = Abseiling   CYC = Bike Ride    SOC = Social   KAY = Kayaking   TR = Training


Distance Terrain Fitness
S Short Under 10km per day. 1-3 Graded track or open terrain, no scrub. 1-3 Easy, suitable for beginners.
M Medium 10-15km per day. 4-5 Off track, bush, minor scrub, rainforest, rock hopping, minor scrambling. 4-5 Medium, Reasonable fitness required.
L Long 15-20 km per day. 6-7 As above + thick scrub. Major rock scrambling using hands. 6-7 As above + agility required.
X L Extra Long 20km+ per day. 8-9 As above + rope and technical ability required. 8-9 Hard strenuous, fit walkers only.