Walk Grading System

We have a grading system but even so, what can be an easy walk for one person may be quite strenuous for another.  MINIMUM REQUREMENT FOR CLUB WALKS:  Any new members not from another Bushwalking Club must first participate in a training walk up “The Mongrel” (Mount Cotton) prior to engaging in any of our Redland Bushwalkers Club walks, which are rated 3 or higher in difficulty.

  DW = Day Walk   BC = Base Camp   TW = Through Walk   AB = Abseiling    CYC = Bike Ride
  SOC = Social    KAY = Kayaking    TR = Training


Distance Terrain Fitness
S Short Under 10km per day. 1-3 Graded track or open terrain, no scrub. 1-3 Easy, suitable for beginners.
M Medium 10-15km per day. 4-5 Off track, bush, minor scrub, rainforest, rock hopping, minor scrambling. 4-5 Medium, Reasonable fitness required.
L Long 15-20 km per day. 6-7 As above + thick scrub. Major rock scrambling using hands. 6-7 As above + agility required.
X L Extra Long 20km+ per day. 8-9 As above + rope and technical ability required. 8-9 Hard strenuous, fit walkers only.